SOFI Cocktail Cans Case of 24


A modern take on the classic Italian art of aperitivo, SOFI is made for moments that celebrate the spirit of our southern hemisphere home.

SOFI Spritz Blood Orange & Bitters is a modern Australian twist on a classic cocktail, the Italian Veneto Spritz. Crafted with blood orange, bitters and sparkling water over a base of sparkling wine, using natural ingredients and no added sugar. A refreshing cocktail with a bittersweet finish, best enjoyed over ice with a slice of lime.

Customer Reviews

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Johan schyberg
Best drink in town

My favourite drink to relax while i cook dinner. Not a huge fan of the apertivo + prosecco concept as it, for me, defeats the purpose of being easy and accessible. I currently prob go through 2 cans/day on average, but would never be bothered to open a new bottle of prosecco every day, mix it myself etc. Cheers

Sven Nilsson
A refreshing change

First tried the Sofi Spritz on a QANTAS flight and loved it. My husband then purchased a case of blood orange and bitters for me. Very refreshing. The thing I like most is that they are Australian made and use local ingredients. I love supporting Australian small business. Debbie

Adam Blankendaal
Sofi on the GO

Great for when your heading out & don't mind sipping from the can...