Five reasons Aussies are starting to choose SOFI over Aperol


Less sugar per standard drink

SOFI Aperitivo contains 32% less total sugar (19.9g) than Aperol Aperitivo (29.4g) per standard drink.

SOFI Spritz premix contains 13% less total sugar (12.6g)  than Aperol Spritz premix (14.5g) per standard drink.

SOFI contains all natural ingredients & no artificial sweeteners

Affinity Labs Analytical Service Report (powered by the Australian Wine Research Institute)
~ SOFI vs Aperol Comparison Table
~ Dan Murphy’s website for standard drink conversions -
SOFI and Aperol

Locally sourced

SOFI is all-Australian (owned & made) supporting local farmers with reduced transport costs and emissions:

~ 600 km = distance from Mildura (where SOFI is bottled) → Melbourne.

~ 16,000 km = distance from Italy (where Aperol is bottled) → Melbourne.

Google Maps (Melbourne selected as this is the primary hub for the largest national liquor retailer)

Wins on taste

SOFI was awarded Dan Murphy’s Best Aperitif/Digestif 2023 based on a blind tasting (panel of 14 experts).

Being the only Australian finalist in the category (most of the other finalists being from Italy) made the win extra special.

Tasting notes included being “some distance above the competition”.

Dan Murphy's Decoded Spirits Awards 2023

Better value

SOFI provides more standard drinks for fewer dollars (approximately 40% on average) in both the full-strength Aperitivo and premixed Spritz formats.

Pricing table based on Dan Murphy's website (as at 22 September 2023)

Versatile cocktail creations

SOFI Aperitivo’s ABV is 16% (sitting between Aperol @ 11% and Campari  @ 25%) allowing you to make a wide range of cocktails - including both Spritz and Negroni. 

SOFI Cocktail Recipes