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SPRITZ & ESKY KIT (SOFI Aperitivo, Dal Zotto Prosecco, CAPI Soda & Sunnylife Esky)

Cocktail cups

Look good. Will be useful in our caravan

I can’t pick which is my favourite!

All flavours were delicious! Easy to make a delicious cocktail or a quick spritz.

Sofi selection

Plum and fingerling a stand out favour for us.

Awesome Gift

Loved the Spritz Kit! Great value and the picnic bag is sturdy and good looking.

Just in time for Christmas entertaining

It was good to try all flavours and discover our favourites

SOFI Aperitivo Limited Editions (Mixed case of all 6)

Great range of flavours

Love the range of flavours - it means we have Sprtiz for all tastebuds.

SOFI Aperitivo Limited Editions (Mixed case of all 6)

So many amazing flavours

It's had to pick a favourite when trying the range of Sofi Aperitivos. Such vibrant flavours that can mix well just with soda (add some fruit for a more fancy look). Or jazz it up with prosecco, there's really no wrong way to enjoy them.
If I was forced to chose just 2 it would be the white peachbwoth ginger, followed closely by wild berries with pomegranate.
Simply devine!

A Taste of Summer!

Love the unique Australian flavours; so refreshing with ice and Soda - the perfect summer drink.

Looks as good as the photos

Thank you so much...i look forward to trying this with family and friends as part of our summer Christmas festivities!!

This is great for outdoor

This is great for outdoor meetups. A cocktail in a can. Refreshing, fun and convenient. The esky is fab!

Great esky

Very practical. Easy to take anywhere. Looks good

Sleek and stylish!

Love the look and super efficient.

Thanks Devan! We're so glad you love it!

SOFI Aperitivo & Dal Zotto Prosecco (Choose your own mixed case of 6)
John W.
Pretty awesome

I bought the esky premix pack and then bought this. The cups are great and good for a picnic. I purchased both Sofi flavours and although the grapefruit & Lavender is nice, the blood orange for the win.

I’m keen for a good summer weekend and chill at a park or beach with these.

Highly recommend

Thanks for the review John! Blood orange is always a go-to.

Cute and well made.

Very cute and made for a fun post lockdown picnic gift.

Thanks Adam! And for sure - SOFI makes the perfect gift for any occasion!

Perfect! Love the white esky

Perfect! Love the white esky

Thanks Anna-bell! The white esky makes a perfect accessory for any picnic!

Awesome Esky

The Esky is so stylish with a chopping board has the lid. Plus the Aperitivo and Dal Zotto Prosecco is awesome.

Thanks so much for the review Lucy! We're glad you're loving the Spritz and Esky Kit!

Great picnic esky

Perfect size for a bottle of bubbles, some Sofi spritz and cheese board snacks. Not too heavy to carry. Love that everything you need for a small picnic all fits into one container.

Thanks so much for the review! The Esky is a perfect accessory for any picnic occasion.

Lovely just in time for the hot weather

Love it and the bag ! Just trying to work out how to set it up next to the swim spa .....

Thanks for the review Sue! Let us know how the swim spa set up goes!

Great pack

My friends birthday we ordered some food and had a few Sofi SPRITZ. Goes down a treat.

Highly recommend the pack. The esky is awesome. Couldnt go anywhere so we sat out the front of our house.

Thanks so much for the review John! That sounds like a perfect day out with SOFI.

Great pack, perfect for picnics

Love the pack which has come in handy for lockdown picnics. Nice esky with a practical lid that doubles as chopping board.
Happy to support an Aussie business during lockdown.

Thanks Yvette - glad you are enjoying the kit!

So good!

Loved the drink and the esky!! Want more now!