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Not too sweet

I was a little worried these would be a little sweet but they are not. Using soda and not lemonade is so much better. Even in this cold weather such a refreshing drink

SOFI Spritz 'The Bellini' - White Peach & Ginger Case - 6 x 750mL Bottles (8% ABV)

Delicious! So refreshing

SOFI Aperitivo - Mixed Case - 6 x SOFI Aperitivo (16% ABV) & Picnic Bag - (750ml 16%ABV)
Deb Bridge
Sofia Spritz

Soo refreshing! Loved all three flavours!

Easy drink

Very nice to drink when cold

Not too sweet-great

Great to just chug down , really easy


A beautiful vibrant spritz, not too sweet, not too tart. It’s lovely to drink on a hot summers day or on any occasion.


Very nice to drink will get some more

SOFI is amazing but this order was disappointing

I did not receive my free stopper and my aperitivo gift set was incorrect - I received two blood orange bitters instead of one of them and a plum one.

Love this stopper

Easy to put on and take off and keeps it sparkling.

My favourite gathering drink

This is an amazing refreshing drink to share with friends

SOFI Aperitivo - Mixed Case - 6 x SOFI Aperitivo (16% ABV) & Picnic Bag - (750ml 16%ABV)
Susan Bunning
Great drop!

Love this drink paired with soda water and ice!

Delicious - Yum !!

Love the flavours, really great value. Didn't buy this deal for the bag, just the SOFI's.
The bag will come in handy for beach or picnic days.
Fast service too.

SOFI Aperitivo - Mixed Case - 6 x SOFI Aperitivo (16% ABV) & Picnic Bag - (750ml 16%ABV)
amanda tunney

Cannot wait to open the bottle

Fast service good communication didn’t like the product taste very good no matter what you put it with

Ive been converted……

I have always been a wine drinker and not much into “aperitif’s”, until now! After taking the opportunity to grab the 3 flavours in the starter pack I am loving the peach and ginger the most. They all taste great actually 🙌 they make for a great refreshing change, thank you SOFI

It’s a keeper!

Please keep these around, they’re so delicious & worth every cent!

my favourite drink

I just love this drink but I find that it is harder and harder to get. I use to purchase the bottles but can't get them anymore well Dan Murphy's don't have them. So I depend on the cans

Love This Product!

Very unique flavours. Easy to drink and very popular. Looked great at the 21st and loved by all ages!

I’m addicted!

This is the best $50 I’ve spent on myself!
The flavours are amazing and I love my new beach tote bag.
I’ll definitely be purchasing this pack again for friends!

Delicious drinks

Love these Australian owned aperitifs. Been bringing it out every time we have guests over and its such a great pre dinner drink. Great variety of flavours for all, will continue to buy.

Oto is Outstanding

Oto surpasses any summer drink. Simply add ice and this drink sits nicely with it without food.


Love love this brand . SOFI Aperitivo starter pack . Bought one pack for myself . Amazing so bought a pack for a gift . Taste for all flavours are excellent .

Nice tasting aperitif with interesting flavours

Tastes great, good value, already thinking of buying another pack.

Such lovely drinkies

Although I am an avid aperetivo drinker it was nice to try these refreshing flavours mixed with my Prosecco. Very yummy drinks plus the picnic bag was a great addition.

Too sweet!

Apéritif’s are typically bitter in nature. Each one I tried was sweeter than the last. They look good but don’t deliver on taste.