The Ultimate Australian Sundowner

A modern take on the classic Italian art of aperitivo, SOFI is made for moments that celebrate the spirit of our southern hemisphere home.

Whether you’re at the beach, the backyard, or the back of beyond—SOFI is made to be enjoyed wherever the occasion takes you.

All natural and crafted from local botanicals, with half the sugar per drink than our Italian counterpart, without sacrificing taste or buzz, SOFI is the perfect accompaniment to all of your good times.

Available as a full-strength Aperitivo (16%ABV) for your cocktail creations or as a pre-batched Spritz (8% ABV) for cocktails on the go.

Dan Murphy's Decoded Spirits Awards

Best Aperitif in Australia

SOFI is beyond honoured to have been crowned Best Aperitif at the 2023 Decoded Spirit Awards by Dan Murphy's, Australia’s Largest Liquor Retailer.

Based on a blind tasting by a panel of 14 experts, SOFI triumphantly won the title against the likes of Aperol and last year's winner, Campari. Being the only Australian
finalist in the category makes the win extra special. Tasting notes included being “some distance above the competition”.

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