A local twist on a classic

The Ultimate Australian Sundowner

A modern take on the classic Italian art of aperitivo, SOFI is made for moments that celebrate the spirit of our southern hemisphere home.

Whether you’re at the beach, the backyard, or the back of beyond—SOFI is made to be enjoyed wherever the occasion takes you.

Now available as a full-strength Aperitivo (16%ABV) for your cocktail creations or as a pre-batched Spritz (8% ABV) for cocktails on the go.

How to serve sofi aperitivo

How to Spritz

SOFI & Soda
• 1 part SOFI Aperitivo
• 1 part Soda Water
• Over ice with a slice of citrus

Classic SOFI Spritz
• 2 parts Prosecco
• 2 parts SOFI Aperitivo
• 1 part Soda Water
• Over ice with a slice of citrus

SOFI Contessa
• 1 part Gin
• 1 part SOFI Aperitivo
• 1 part Dry Vermouth
• Over ice with a twist of lemon

Ratios above are a guide only so mix SOFI up to suit your taste and always drink responsibly.

SOFI on the go

Enjoy SOFI at home or outdoors with our Spritz Kits. We’ve partnered with a few like-minded locals to bring you a range of SOFI Spritz kits to enjoy at home or outdoors. Featuring Dal Zotto Prosecco, Capi mixers & merch from Sunnylife.

Alternatively, you’ll find the SOFI range at most of Australia’s major liquor retailers (online and instore) plus a collection of independent outlets.

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The SOFI story

Italian inspired, Australian made.

Inspired by the Italian love for aperitivo, our founder Tommy Maclean created SOFI to be the perfect all-natural spritz with no added sugar and packaged for our Australian way of life.

First making an entrance in the summer of 2013 at the iconic Bondi Farmers Market, SOFI captivated local spritz devotees, who crowdfunded the next phase of development. SOFI then charmed the panel on Australia’s Shark Tank, securing funding at our asking price.

With the launch of SOFI's new full-strength Aperitivo range, this next chapter enables us to take SOFI to the world.  Inspiring global cocktail lovers to refresh the much loved spritz with a modern twist.