SOFI X QANTAS: A Taste of Australia's Skies

Qantas and SOFI have crafted a distinctive collaboration with the introduction of the exclusive cocktail, Sky Spritz. The relationship was formed in 2017 when SOFI supplied a selection of cocktails to Qantas airport lounges. Where now, the Sky Spritz is a tribute to Australia's return to International skies, blending aviation luxury with the essence of the country's subtropical botanics.

Central to the Sky Spritz's appeal are the uniquely Australian ingredients—Davidson Plum and Finger Limes. These carefully chosen elements not only infuse the drink with a local touch but also symbolise the diverse landscapes that define Australia. SOFI's founder, Tom Maclean, expressed his excitement, stating, "SOFI was originally inspired by my travels around the world, so it is really special to help Qantas celebrate Australia's return to International skies." The beverage is a testament to SOFI’s commitment to authenticity, with all components locally sourced and naturally derived.

Working with the iconic Australian brand, Qantas fueled the collaborative motivation to encapsulate the distinct flavours of the country. Maclean emphasized, "We wanted everything to be locally sourced and all-natural as always," ensuring that each sip of the Sky Spritz encapsulated the essence of Australia.