SOFI Aperitivo Limited Editions 750ml Bottle (16% ABV)

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Limited edition SOFI Aperitivo:

Pink Grapefruit & Lavender

Naturally Australian and beautifully bitter-sweet. Tart Pink Grapefruit is delicately balanced by floral lavender and local grape spirit.
Lightly fragrant, with subtle well-balanced natural sweetness and refreshing zesty finish, that leaves you wanting more.

Wild Berries & Pomegranate

Inspired by the classic Italian Cocktail, The Tintoretto (and the French Kir), this combination is dangerously easy drinking. 
Mouthwatering wild summer berries, are beautifully blended with the crispness of pomegranate, for the ultimate bitter-sweet finish, to liven your taste buds.

White Peach & Ginger

Italian classic cocktail - the Bellini was invented at Harry’s bar in Venice (along with Carpacio - Harry was a genius) - this version comes with a subtle ginger kick.

Deliciously fresh and ripe peachy aromas, are followed by a hint of ginger warmth and a subtle spicy bite.

Native Lemon & Pepperberry

Inspired by the classic Italian Cocktail, The Hugo Spritz, this combination is unique and moreish.  Introducing the very distinctive Australian native pepperberry which makes for a delicious combination with the Australian native lemon.

Featuring Australian native ingredients. Mouthwateringly fresh and zesty citrus, balanced by the distinctive bite of the pepperberry.

Wild Strawberry & Fingerlime

One of the sweeter SOFI recipes, originally drawing more on French cocktail traditions, bursting with berry flavour with the hint of fingerlime providing balance. To further balance the sweetness, can be served over citrus or double down with a garnish of strawberry.

Mouthwatering wild strawberries, are beautifully blended with the distinct tangy fingerlime, for a delicious sundowner.

Davidson Plum & Fingerlime

While international planes have been mostly grounded, SOFI worked with the team at QANTAS for over a year, with many potential recipes travelling between Queensland, Mudgee & Mascot. The result is a souring Australian Spritz to help relaunch Australian travel.

Davidson Plum reminiscent of stewed rhubarb with only subtle sweetness. Finger limes bring a minty, citrus-forward aroma with tangy, sweet, and slightly floral notes.


750ml bottle
16% ABV
9.5 standard drinks 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tasha Richter (tashiipinata)
Bring back premix!!!

I love the white peach and ginger flavour, I was first introduced to sofi with the premix and I just can’t master the same flavour when mixing it myself!


Love this flavour, so easily enjoyed on its own over ice or with Prosecco.
So refreshing!

Veri Lopes

I like this flavour. Its not my favourite but still refreshing and has lovely citrus tones, I don't get much pepper from it...
My best recipe is 1 part for 2 parts prosecco, and a splash of soda water.

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